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Monarch Little League is run entirely by volunteers. The following table lists all board members, their positions, and contact information.  We are currently searching for volunteers for open board positions now!  If interested or have general questions feel free to email someone on the board.

Position Name E-mail
President Shawn Uhlenhake
Vice President Ezra Paddock
Treasurer Jim Robinson
Sponsorships/Marketing/Events Michael Marcus
Player Agent Brian Fleming
Kid Pitch Division Coordinator Chris Nelson
Machine Pitch Division Coordinator Nirvan Khokhani
T-Ball Coordinator OPEN
Softball Coordinator Abbie Poniatowski
Field Manager/Scheduler Brian Warembourg
Equipment Manager Gunnar Malmquist
Safety Officer Gunnar Malmquist
Umpire Coordinator Gunnar Malmquist
Umpire in Chief Ned Tucker
Uniform Coordinator Michael Marcus
Webmaster OPEN



The Webmaster is responsible for maintain the content and appearance of the MLL website.  This includes, making necessary changes as needed, creating the registration systems, creating teams, and maintaining email aliases for the league.  Webmaster participates in responding to email questions to the league, dealing with payment issues, and staying up-to-date with website host changes and upgrades.

Umpire in Chief

The Umpire in Chief helps recruit and qualify umpires during the offseason. Before the season, attends umpire training clinics and ensure fellow recruitments are as well. In season, responsible for creating and maintaining the master umpire schedule and working with the Treasurer to ensure payment distribution.  

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for ordering and distributing team gear (equipment bags, catcher's gear, scorebooks, bats, balls, etc) to all teams and umpires. Additionally manage key suppliers like Dick's Sporting Goods and SAI Team Sports.  Also responsible for maintain field boxes throughout the season.

Safety Officer

The Safety Coordinator is responsible for all safety activities including supervision of ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program), ensures safety in player and coach training, ensures safe playing conditions, cooridinates reporting and prevention of injuries, and solicits suggestions for making conditions safer.

Umpire Coordinator

Umpire Coordinator helps recruit and qualify umpires during the offseason.  Before the season, provides clinics to train the umpires and thus must have a good understanding of the Little League Rules.  In season, responsible for creating the master umpire schedule, loading it to the MLL website, and maintaining it as changes occurs during the season (e.g., rain-outs or canceled games, umpire no-show's).  

Field Manager/Scheduler

It is the Field Manager’s annual responsibility to create a new practice and game schedule and to incorporate that with interlock schedules created by the District for divisions that are participating in multiple-league games. Additionally, the Scheduler will coordinate with other Little League schedulers to create additional games outside of the scope of D2 Interlock and local-only games. This is up to the discretion of the Scheduler. The Scheduler is responsible for creating the master schedule, loading it to the MLL website, and maintaining it as changes occurs during the season (e.g., rain-outs or canceled games).

The scheduling job has a flurry of activity to start the season as the season’s practice and game schedules must be created and loaded to the website. Once the season is underway, additional activity includes making changes to scheduled events and rescheduling rained out games where possible. In the off-season, works with city of Louisville and Town of Superior for securing fields for the upcoming season.

Division Coordinators (Kid Pitch, Machine Pitch, & T-ball)

The Kid Pitch Coordinator is responsible for the Juniors, Int 50/70, Majors, and AAA divisions. The Machine Pitch Coordinator is responsible for the AA and A divisions. The T-ball Coordinator is responsible for the T-ball divisions. Each coordinator is responsible for managing the players, coaches, and parents before and during the season for their respective divisions.  Mostly, it is pre-season communication to coaches, coordinating with other board members (i.e. player agent, equipment, umpires, etc.), and addressing any issues during the season.


The treasurer is the officer assigned the primary responsibility of overseeing the management and reporting of an organization’s finances, dispersing league funds as approved by the board of directors, reports on the status of league funds, keeps local league books and financial records, prepares budgets, and assumes the responsibility for all local league finances, including annual filing of taxes.  This is a year round responsibility.

Sponsorships/Marketing/Events/Uniform Coordinator

The Sponsorships/Marketing/Events/Uniform Coordinator is responsible for fundraising within our local community, performing advertising duties within various media outlets, coordinating special events such as Opening Day Ceremony and Youth Day at Rockies Field, and finally ordering and delivering team uniforms.

Vice President/Player Agent

The MLL Vice President is the main backup for each position and thus understands how to perform each job function. Additional duties include maintaining manuals for each board position (to aid transitions) and working long term projects outlined by the board. In most years the VP also works as the Player Agent to help resolve conflicts that arise in season and off season.


The MLL President is the leader of the organization and duties include attending district and state Little League meetings, direct MLL Board meetings, managing and maintain MLL with district officials, and defining MLL charter each year.  Additionally negotiate with cities for field contracts as well as indoor practice facility contracts.  Manage All-Star paperwork with district office. Finally ensure MLL abides by all Little League Baseball rules.