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The AA division emphasizes fun and participation.  It is not competitive and the goal is to get kids hooked on the sport and to return the following season.  

Coaches use Jugs Jr. Baseball Pitching Machines to pitch to players in AA.  If the player doesn’t make contact after a few pitches, the coach has the option to hand pitch a few to the player. Strike outs do occur but a far and few between.

Players ages 7-9 on August 31, 2018.
Players should have one-year of experience in organized baseball unless they are 9.  

Players must live or attend school within the geographic boundaries defined for MLL.


Season: Opening Day is on April 7th. The season ends on June 9th.
Practices: One to two hour practices will be held twice a week until 1st game. Then one practice a week from early April to early May. Then no practices from early May to early June. These are the minimum amount of practices. Coaches have discretion to add more if desire.

Games: 10 to 12 two-hour games will be played in the season. 1 game a week from early April to early May. Then two games a week from early May till end of season. Games will be midweek and/or on Saturdays.

Any of our fields in Superior and Louisville, but typically Heritage Field in Louisville for most games.

Small team sizes to make sure that all players get a lot of action.

Friend and coach requests are accepted during the registration process.  

**Friend requests will take priority over coach requests and while every effort is made to satisfy all friend requests, we can’t guarantee every one will be met.**

MLL provides: pants, belt, socks, jersey, and ball cap - player keeps these four items; bats, balls, helmets, and catching gear.

You provide: shoes/cleats and glove

​Some parents choose to purchase a helmet or bat for their player which is fine. You will want to make sure the helmet meets the NOCSAE standard and that the bat meets the new Little League sanctioned bat standard.

Please volunteer to be a Manager, Coach, or Team Parent.  You can mark your interest when registering your child.